Antidotes to Distorted Thinking

Pejorative Labeling: Be Specific and Accurate. Pejorative labels are false because they reflect a global negative judgment focused only on a single characteristic or behavior that is exaggerated or distorted. Pejorative labels are presented in absolute terms as if they capture the core or substance of that which is labeled. No one is a “jerk”… Continue Reading

Styles of Distorted Thinking

Pejorative Labeling: You assign negative values to objects, situations, yourself, or others by pejoratively labeling them. For example, you label a driver a “jerk”, or you call yourself a “loser.” Minimization: You inappropriately reduce the importance or significance of something, e.g., “I drink too much, but it’s not a problem.” Disqualifying the Positive: You insist… Continue Reading