Marriage Counseling & Family Therapist Service

PEOPLE PARTICIPATE IN THERAPY for many reasons. One of these is that psychotherapy is designed to allow us to be better equipped to make decisions that are in keeping with our true wants and desires.

Sometimes a personal crisis leaves us in need of extra support. At other times, we need the help of someone who is not personally involved in our circumstances to help us sort out our feelings.

Many people decide to start therapy because they want to get to know themselves better, to grow personally or spiritually, or because they want to live a more full and authentic life. All of these reasons are good ones for seeking out the services of a trained professional.

Because I believe that we are all the products of our lives up to this point, including our genes and all of our environmental influences, my approach is distinctly non-judgmental. I am an active and involved listener as we explore whatever it is that you want or need to talk about.

While I’m not hesitant to offer feedback, I’m usually reluctant to give “advice,” preferring instead to help the individual figure out what is the best course of action for herself or himself.

MY AREAS OF EXPERTISE INCLUDE working with adults and couples for communication issues, self-esteem problems, anger, grief/loss, sexuality issues, enduring sadness, anxiety, impulsivity and post-traumatic stress symptoms. I also have a specialty in gender identity issues and along with that, the dysphoria, grief/loss, relationship difficulties and other issues that often accompany these conditions.

I CAN BE OF ASSISTANCE with the following concerns:

  • Is fear or anxiety getting in the way of enjoying your life?
  • Do you want to feel more grounded and centered?
  • Are you bothered by self-doubt, indecisiveness and low self-esteem?
  • Is feeling anger or dealing with the anger of others an issue?
  • Do you want to create authentic and satisfying relationships?
  • Are you seeking to reclaim spontaneity, joy, and clarity?
  • Do you want to create relationships where truth can be told?
  • Do poor boundaries and communication issues bog you down?
  • Do you want to learn tools to feel safe to express your feelings?
  • Do you want to be able to accept and appreciate who you are?
  • Are you ready to heal the wounds of your past?